Customized project- cocktail construction

cross stitch cocktail construction, drinks, ingredients, vintage

Cocktail Construction by Carolina Cross Stitch Inc 1979.  This was stitched on 14 ct aida with stitched size approx 8.25 x 15.5 inches.  This piece was customized by the customer who graphed some of his own drinks and ingredients, so my photo varies from the original pattern cover sheet. Customer plans to frame this under glass on vintage serving tray, which I'm really anxious to see finished.

I found Colleen after just a little searching on the web. I had this old pattern of some cocktail recipes that my wife's aunt had but I wanted to update it and add some different cocktails.  Colleen was super patient with me as I am not the most computer savvy person.  A lot of people would write me off as just being a lot of trouble. Once Colleen got to my project, it went light speed and needless to say, I am tickled to death with the result.  She surpassed my expectations and even did a last minute, change of tune, thing for me.  She is reasonable and her work is magnificent.