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Shark on a Bike

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Hi Colleen – You have created a bit of magic here, thank you so much! It looks wonderful. As part of this baby’s quilt, it will bring great joy. It also amazes me how quickly you were able to complete this cross stitch. I know you made it a priority in the midst of a busy time. My heartfelt appreciation.

I have truly enjoyed our communication and am so grateful for the care, talent, and time you have put into this special project. Your bright spirit has come through in all these ways; I will carry your goodness forward to hopefully positively impact others as well.

With warmth and appreciation,



follow up:

Dear Colleen,
Your package arrived today! I am so touched by your beautiful work and the blessing of your time and approach with every step. “Thank you“ falls short, but please know that you have brought joy with your beautiful cross stitching and a delightful experience through all our communications.

With warmth and gratitude,

Dominique R.

Los Gatos, CA

August 3, 2022

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